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Company registration number: 13473583

Registered office address: 85 Great Portland Street, First Floor, London, United Kingdom, W1W 7LT

Office address: 3/11 Pine Street, Farringdon, EC1R 0JH


Phone: +447378546323


Welcome to the website of STUDENTICA LTD (“we,” “us,” and “our”). By signing this document, both you and we agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions. You affirm to have read and understood these conditions in their entirety and acknowledge that your consent marks a binding agreement between you and us.


The general terms and conditions are superseded by ours unless otherwise specified in a manner that is clearly outlined.


1. Of the translation agency

We cannot be held liable for any delays in the completion of our translation services due to illness, injury, being unfit to work, or through an Act of God. Additionally, we disclaim all responsibility if any delays are due to a source text being delivered late by the client or a third party (such as the Post Office or courier company). Furthermore, we do not accept responsibility for any damage to the source text or translation, or the loss of either during transit. This also stands if the client fails to supply the information necessary to begin and/or complete the translation. We will not be held responsible for any imperfections or errors in the text given by the client. However, if a delay is expected, we will make an effort to inform the client as soon as possible. Finally, we are only responsible for the quality of the translation if it is used without any alterations. In all cases, our liability is capped at the amount equal to the value of the invoice, excluding VAT, for the particular assignment.

2. Of the client

We must receive all necessary information from the client before or while performing the assignment to properly complete the job.

Professional secrecy

We are obligated to maintain professional secrecy. This means that the client’s identity, along with the source text and its translation, must remain confidential.


The written order confirmation will list all applicable rates, exclusive of VAT unless otherwise specified.

Term of delivery

The commencement date of the agreement will be determined through a written agreement with the client. After the contractor confirms the order and receives the original file and job details by email, the agreed-upon date will become effective. The order will specify and clarify the deadline for the contractor to complete the work and deliver it to the client by the specified date.

Performance of assignment

We assert our right to involve an external party in completing the task, and still take responsibility for ensuring the confidentiality of the project and its successful completion.

Cancellation of assignment

The client reserves the right to terminate an assignment at any stage, before or during the translation process. In the event of a cancellation, before work has begun, the client will not be liable for any costs. If the translation process is terminated midway, remuneration for the services that have already been completed is to be paid by the client.

Payments and refunds

Once you have filled in and sent in a service request, our manager will contact you shortly to clarify the ordering information. The price will depend on the number of words to be translated and other conditions (languages used in translation, time frame, translation type, etc.).

You will receive your translated documents via email through which you communicate with our managers or which you choose while clarifying order information.

Refunds will be given on the same card you used to make the payment. You must submit a refund request within one week of the order’s completion by emailing and giving an explanation for why you wish to return it. Keep in mind that we don’t provide refunds if you are simply not content with the translation.

Refunds are only given if there are errors on our side, such as if you received a different translation than expected due to a technical issue.


Any disagreements or disputes which may arise concerning the services and our invoices will be exclusively resolved under the jurisdiction of the courts located in the judicial district of London. United Kingdom laws will apply to all related proceedings.

Work with us as a translator

We have open positions for translators and you can apply for them today!

Leave a request via the Contact us form or email specifying the languages and preferred fields. Our managers will send you a test assignment which will be evaluated. Approved candidates will be provided an access to the personal account on the website and shall pass the verification procedure in line with Company KYC/AML policy in order to receive remuneration.